Frequently Asked Questions

Rules & Regulations

Where can I find information about rules & regulations?

The following information packet contains the most recent version of the Cobblefield Point rules & regulations.  This information serves as a companion to the Association by-laws.

The document contains useful information, such as:

  • Association dues
  • Trash & recycling information
  • Mailbox keys
  • Clubhouse & swimming pool & fitness center policies
  • Additional regulations including parking, noise, and pets

Cobblefield Rules & Regulations – June 2018

I would like to rent the Clubhouse, how does it work?

The Cobblefield Point clubhouse can be rented for a number of different events.  The following details outline how the rental process works.

Rental Fee: $100
Rental Deposit: $100
Table Count:

  • 2 x Round (seats 8),
  • 2 x Rectangular 6ft. (seats 6)
  • 2 x Rectangular 8 ft. (seats 8)

Chair Count:  26 white plastic


  1. Complete rental form and provide check (fee + deposit) to CBCDR
  2. Obtain keys from CBCDR by 4PM day prior to rental
  3. Setup table/chairs as needed & return table/chairs in good working order to storage closet
  4. Clean clubhouse; leaving as previously found
  5. Return keys to CBCDR on next business day.  If keys not returned by 3rd business day, deposit will be forfeited


Does the Cobblefield Point community have a user group?

The Cobblefield Point community utilizes a Yahoo! group for light weight conversations and questions.  Access to the group is restricted to current Owners and residents and requires a Yahoo! account.

Group details can be found at:


Can I store a boat or trailer on the property?

The by-laws prohibit parking of boats, trailers, or other detachable type trailers within the Association property.  The following information is contained within Article IV, Section 8 regarding parking within the Cobblefield Point complex.

No campers, boats, trailers or trucks shall be parked or stored outside on the Property and no more than two (2) automobiles shall be kept or stored on the Property by the Owner or Occupant of each Unit.

What pets are permitted at Cobblefield Point?

The information regarding pets is detailed in the nuisance section of the by-laws.  The details of the pets permitted within Cobblefield Point can be found in Article IV, Section 6.

Unit Owners with dogs shall be responsible for immediately cleaning up after the animals if walked in the Common Elements.  No animals shall be permitted except one ( l ) four-legged domesticated animal not to exceed forty (40) pounds.

Where can I find the condominium by-laws?

If you were not provided a copy of the Condominium by-laws or have lost your copy. You can find a copy of the by-laws at the link provided below.

The following 12 page PDF is a copy of the original by-laws provided to all unit Owners after construction was completed.


Who do I contact for common area issues?

Do you need to contact someone regarding a problem or questions with association common areas?  Do you have a problem with your property or an external maintenance issue? The following list is an example of when to engage our Property Management company.

  • Problems with the clubhouse, fitness center, pool or spa
  • Any external building issues including roof leaks, missing siding or shingles
  • Missing garbage totes or bins
  • External lights that are broken or not working

Please contact our Property Management firm, CBC – Devonshire Realty, at the following address:

Contact: Myrna Webber

Phone: +1 217-352-7712

201 West Springfield Avenue
11th Floor
PO Box 140
Champaign, IL 61824

When is garbage collected?

Waste collection, by AREA, happens every Wednesday morning (as of March 2018).  We recommend placing your individual garbage tote outside your garage the evening prior.  Garbage totes are due inside your garage within 24 hours of collection.

Note: If the collection day falls on a holiday (i.e. Thanksgiving) then waste collection will happen on the following business day.