Monthly Archives: February 2017

Association Meeting & 2017 Budget

On Thursday, Feb 16th, the Board of Directors met in an open meeting to discuss a number of items for 2017.  The following topics were on the agenda and the meeting ran from 7:00pm to approximately 7:55pm.


  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of December 8, 2016 Minutes
  3. 2017 Budget and Financial Update
  4. Windows / Door Replacements
  5. HOA Rules & Regulations (Coming Soon!)
  6. Lawn Care & Snow Removal bids
  7. Dumpsters for July (rental unit turnover)
  8. Open Discussion

In addition, the Directors have approved the proposed budget for 2017.  You can find a copy of the budget here.


Note: once approved, a copy of the meeting minutes will be posted.