Increasing Security…

Hi Cobblefield Point Residents –

The HOA board is aware of the increase in criminal activity (packages being stolen, car break-ins, etc.) not only on our property, but also in our neighborhood (Turnberry Ridge).

We are working on measures to increase security as soon as possible.

We will be emailing residents with more information about a fence and security cameras soon.

(Please note that the black metal fence that lines the property between Cobblefield Point and Providence is property of Providence, and we are, therefore, unable to make repairs. We have been in touch with Providence’s property management to ask them to keep up with repairs.)

Important Notice (Neighborhood Safety)

In a continued effort to keep our community safe, the HOA Board members met with Champaign’s Chief of Police, Tim Tyler, along with various city of Champaign neighborhood and community relations directors this week.

Chief Tyler wanted us to distribute his DIRECT cell phone number. He is encouraging us all to call or text him when issues with Providence residents arise. He mentioned he lives about 1.5 miles away and can get here quickly after hours.

Part of our conversation was the inability to provide enforcement after the fact, and he seems motivated to try and handle these issues in the moment.

That being said, if you see Providence residents (including children) trespassing, trying to access the pool or clubhouse, etc., feel free to call or text Chief Tyler as soon as possible so he can get here while they are still here. If you have pictures, text those to him as well so he has an idea of who he is looking for.

His phone number is: 217-530-3659

If something has already occurred (example: you catch something on your cameras from the night before), he encourages us to email him and copy 2 other Champaign officers of the incident. Please send to:

[email protected] (Chief of Police)

[email protected] (Champaign’s southwest district patrol lieutenant)

[email protected] (Deputy Chief of Operations)

Please be sure to still file an online report as well:

If Chief Tyler does not answer promptly, please call the non-emergency number:


If the incident is a true emergency, please call 9-1-1

Please continue to send the board and CBCDR pictures and videos of incidents as well so that we can send them to Providence’s property managers.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.